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The Violet Parade - "Younger" cover (recorded and produced at IJland studio-Amsterdam - Dec 2020)





Recorded at IJland studio.
Amsterdam, December 2020.

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The Violet Parade 

Deep but approachable, varied but melodic, that’s the motto of The Violet Parade. With a rich
palet of influences, this Amsterdam band plays catchy indie rock that is accessible but never
predictable. The Violet Parade combines straightforward guitar pop with the glittering
textures of shoegaze with and the rough edges of post-punk. The band was formed by former
members of Monokuro and first took the stage for a series of gigs in Fall 2019. If you like
energetic indie rock, this can’t be missed.

Band members:

Erik Nusselder (vocals)
Michiel Kuis (drums)
Stephan Besser (guitar and backing vocals)

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tour dates

23 April 2020 – P60 (Amstelveen) *postponed 


20 dec 2019 – Pop Radar (DEN HAAG)

12 DIC 2019 – Manifesto (Hoorn)

8 Dec 2019 – The Jam Studios (Amsterdam)

29 Nov 2019 – Muziekhuis (Leiden)

15 AUG 2019 – Q Factory (Amsterdam)

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